Cucina Mia has been a favorite lunch spot for many members of the community, for years. Italian old world kitchen meets take-out. With owners Salvatore and Maria Sigona making fresh and delicious meals six days a week. They offer healthy meals with fresh ingredients; for breakfast, lunch, and dinner alike. Cucina Mia also offers off-site catering and gift baskets.
While their healthy meals are a big draw for many regulars, their more decadent menu items are just as fresh and delicious. From their grilled chicken and vegetables, to their savory bacon macaroni and cheese; it is hard to find a dish at Cucina Mia that won’t make your mouth water.
The friendly faces of Cucina Mia can be seen behind the counter, or serving up their delicious cuisine at our annual restaurant stroll. Check out their menu, as well as daily specials, visit their website here. Their chalkboard sign outside proclaiming “Don’t Cook Tonight” is a call to everyone who wants a home-cooked delicious meal, without putting in the time and energy required of a classic Italian dinner.
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